Ikki´s Dungeon

Ikki´s Dungeon is a 2D platformer game with pixel graphics. I was inspired in all those great SNES games.

A hero named Ikki goes to the dungeon, which is located under a huge castle.
No one suspected that there was a huge ramified dungeon until all sorts of monsters began to penetrate from there, and most often very dangerous ones. Our brave man in Ikki´s Dungeon decided to figure out where the monsters came from and how to get rid of them. One magician advised him to find a hidden treasure. Allegedly, it keeps all the terrible individuals near itself. If you find and endure it, the monsters will disappear.

Help our hero go through difficult obstacles, there are a lot of deadly traps in the dungeon, and in the dark you can meet anyone !


Arrows Keys: move

CTRL: attack

Enter: Advance dialogs 

AuthorRober Baca
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, dungeon, megaman, nintendo, Pixel Art, snes, zelda
Average sessionA few minutes

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me encantó el juego, una buena propuesta de zelda en plataformas ... espero salga pronto para andriod 

Gracias por jugar !

When I open the game on a very wide screen the dialog box arrow follows the size, but the text box itself does not.

Sorry to hear that. Are you playing on Google Chrome? You can try the android version available now!

Hi! I played for Firefox and then Chrome, I will try for Android when I can.

great game and the idea of a legend of zelda plattformer is great but just be a little more clear on what buttons you press to do certain things but it's a lot better than the cdi seiries platformer



Not bad, not bad at all!

I do have a few complaints, though. First, it's annoying that attacking brings you to a dead stop, even in the air. It's also annoying that you don't resume moving unless you let up on the directional key.

Second, it's confusing that advancing the dialogue requires a key not mentioned anywhere.

Also, I hit the Windows key by accident once, but I guess that's my fault!

Thanks for the feedback!

Good game


Thanks !

excellent little game , would like to see it expanded ...

doesnt work in firefox though , i had the same freezing problem listed below 

I will release it on android soon !

Played it on the train during a 4 and half hour journey. Played it when I got home and I like it.


I am glad you like it ! 

Soft-locked on speechbox that doesn't start. (web-console flooded with XML parse errors for index.html row 6, column 4)

mmm I´ll look into it. Did you use google chrome?

No, Waterfox.

Sorry , it´s not working on firefox nor waterfox. It something with the XML data. I will fix it soon.